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Hearing that Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon before her one-year anniversary as a sober young lady is far less surprising than the venue in which she decided to publicly rebel against her new good girl image this past weekend: the Hawaiian Tropic tourist trap in Manhattan's Times Square. But apparently, after trying so hard to avoid temptations, banning bad influences from her life and even signing up for (albeit questionable acting roles), all the female shimmy-shaking and bar wenches must have inspired her to let loose. And speaking of bosom buddies, People is reporting that Lohan spent the Scores-like evening alongside none other than helpful healer/new roommate Sam Ronson:

"Lohan started dancing to Britney Spears...Drinking Grey Goose and Red Bull cocktails...Lohan really got into the music, tossing her hair around and doing full body rolls...She also sang along and pumped her chest to Soulja Boy."

And as you'll see from the pictures after the jump, Lindsay's re-entry into the party scene left her passed out in an eerily similar way to her last fateful outing with Ronson...

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What exactly a "body roll" is sends us down a blurry memory lane involving late college nights decorated by beer bongs and drunken frat boys (oops), but we're sure Lindsay's tango-trained torso did more than enough to please the crowd. And we do understand why Ronson would stoop to DJ'ing a Saturday night party in the middle of tourist-heavy Times Square, at a soft-core Hooters-esque chain restaurant (she's no DJ AM after all), we're more than confused as to why Lindsay would appear hip to hip with her new roommate, surrounded by magnums of OJ mixers and Grey Goose bottles bigger than her head. If there's anything out-of-towners love more than anything, it's snapping photos on their souvenir store-bought disposable cameras. Is this Lohan's way of rebelling against Momager Dina for refocusing all her attention on the budding Ali? Or was that Grey Goose bottle filled with ...Adequite water?

[Photo credits: Getty, X17]