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Which is funnier: hippie college kids engaging in a weed smoking festival, or the local paper trying to cover that event in respectable language? You decide! In honor of 4/20, 10,000 kids at the University of Colorado hit the quad for a massive smoke-out, and the Boulder Daily Camera was on the scene to record all the magical high-ass quotes that spilled forth from the participants. Here is just one, from freshman Emily Benson: "We're at the starting point of a movement," she said. "This is a big part of the reason I applied here — for the weed atmosphere." Ha, yes you did! And there are so many more:

"You guys need to go stand on those stairs," one girl shouted to her friends, who were seated in a circle on the quadrangle grass. "You don't even understand."


Smoke-out participants — thousands of whom wore green or T-shirts promoting pot — climbed trees, played the bongos, snapped pictures and had miniature picnics.

That, of course, after they sparked the weed they had come to smoke.


Although CU junior Max Lichtenstein, 21, isn't into marijuana or smoking, he also felt Sunday's event was a chance to do something "bigger" than himself. He passed out 126 Rice Krispies treats with messages attached asking that they act out against the injustices in Darfur.

"Tomorrow, when you're sober ... call the White House at 202-456-1414," the note read.


One woman was hopeful Betz's treats [he was selling peanut butter and jelly sandwiches] were charged with some special ingredients.

"Are these magical?" she asked, only to be disappointed. "Why aren't you selling magical ones? I mean, it's cool — but c'mon."

[pic via Daily Camera]