Poor Sheila. The week she chose to frolic abroad, her internet boyfriend, the musician Ryan Adams, seemingly shut down his blog. But even on vacation, she couldn't tear herself away from her work, nay, her love. When news of the shut down came in, she commented, "why is this genuinely upsetting me that his tumblr is gone, even though i am on vacation and should not even be reading gawker?" Well, Sheila, there's some good news and there's some bad news. The good news is that Ryan Adams's blog is back. The bad news is you're missing the story. Upon his return, RyRy admitted to being as obsessed with you as you are with him.

GAWKER got excited again that I'd left the internet or something. WONDERFUL. it only helps. we love it here at DRAFINC. keeps traffic moving. THANKS AGAIN!
srsly love/ hate you as much as you do. And your commenters prob need a raise because "should have Saligered himself after heartbreaker" is so weak. I mean, two minutes on the web and you might have said "Love is Hell" and maybe fans might have bought it. But nobody likes HRTBRKR. only dudes in baseball caps and JM when he is trying to fill the parts of his record that actually matter. For some of us, excellence just comes naturally.

I beg to differ. The verb to Salinger is inspired. Well done, haunts.

Ryan's srsly love/hate relationship with Gawker reminds me of another certain fameball: one Julia Allison. You guys should get a drink and live tumblr the date. Forget about the fact that Ryan has a girlfriend (does he? -ed). Julia loves sensitive but emotionally unavailable men. It would be great both for your careers and our page views. Just wait for Sheila to come back.