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Further refining his sophisticated public persona from "egregiously self-aware Hollywood hack" to "egregiously self-aware Hollywood hack with a Web site," Michael Bay teased his regular readers Monday with the suggestion that he's making up Transformers 2 news as he goes along. "Sorry everyone, everything you are reading (other then we are shooting in Philly) is false," he wrote in a message-board forum after an open audition call yielded rampant story and script speculation. "We are going to give so much disinformation on this film to confuse everyone."

Well, then! That showed us. We applaud Bay's typically unique, senseless approach, which has even his loyal fans scratching their heads over the point of why Bay would bother to announce he's lying in the first place. We're all for taking this to its logical end point, however, where the flaxen-haired fauxter reveals the entire Transformers franchise is a hoax — in which case we could all give robust thanks and even sworn Bay enemy Uwe Boll would have to retract that "fucking retard" accusation he leveled so forcefully in recent weeks. We think we can all agree it's a small price to pay under the circumstances.