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Megan Fox—whose coin-slot-baring performance in Transformers was egregiously overlooked by nearly all the major Hollywood awards (she did take Best Actress at the Golden Spankbaits)—is featured in this month's Paw Print Magazine. It's a publication for those who feel a little fenced-in by the rigid constraints of Dog and Cat Fancy, as demonstrated by the wide array of exotic photoshoot costars on display.

Not only does she grace the cover with a stunning specimen of her babejective namesake, but inside, we're introduced to Fox's own, Paris Hilton-worthy menagerie. Pictured above is beloved parrot Bay, in sheer ecstasy as he's cupped and caressed by the attentive actress, clearly anticipating the next hot n' heavy tonsil-hockey session with his smoking keeper.

*Correction: We're told the parrot is in fact named Bowie, not Bay, and apologize for any confusion.