Oh finally. VH1 is dispensing with all that "looking for love" claptrap and having its Celebreality stars fess up to their true desire: warm, gooey cash. In their new reality series, bluntly titled I Love Money, past contestants from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and I Love New York will compete not for love or dignity, but solely for sweet, sweet moola. To give you a sense of how popular these shows are, Rock of Love II, the recent Bret Michaels hepatitis telethon, had 3.2 million 18-49ers tuned into its reunion episode, making it the second highest rated (for that demo) cable show of the week. I'm looking forward to when, two or three years from now, we're simply asked to watch Kim Fields stand around while quarters plunk out of her lady bits and dancers from The Thunder from Down Under scramble to collect them. [Variety] After the jump, a clip from that Rock of Love reunion elegance fest.