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One of the all-time most popular extracurricular activities for aging actors and actresses in Hollywood is to head out to the doctor's office on a sunny day and have a little work done. And who are we to judge? But in recent years, Tara Reid-esque fake boobs and Janet Jackson-esque tummy tucks have fell out of fashion. It's now trendier to go in for more subtle nips and tucks and, according to sources, Jennifer Aniston may be a high-profile example. A recent OK! piece praised the newly youthful looking star, though much of their gushing is laced with surgical "experts" who seem certain Jen's new face has gone under the knife a few more times since her whole "deviated septum" issue:

"It looks like she may have had some filler in her upper lip. It's subtle, but it benefits her face...Her brows look elevated, which means she may have had some Botox in her forehead."

We took a look at some before and after pictures after the jump, just to try and figure out if there's any substance to this slightly suspect guessing game:

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The three pictures above were taken after Jen's septum fixer-upper last July. And to be frank, we don't see any signs of wrinkles, thin lips or (god forbid!) brows that aren't high and mighty enough. Girl looks good to us.


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And you know what? Jen still looks just as good, as evidenced by these photos taken in the last few weeks. Are her lips really bigger? Nope. Is she capable of evoking happiness (unlike, say, Nicole Kidman)? Sure! But just to play devil's advocate for a nanosecond, her brows are kinda high. How dare she raise her eyebrows in a state of excitement! We call these so-called experts' bluffs, and choose instead to think celebrities can, believe it or not, be pretty without trying. Cheers.

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