Luke and Noah, the young gay couple on As The World Turns, finally got to kiss again. They had a landmark make out many months ago, but then endured a long dry spell that had fans on the edge of their wicker seats. Speculation (or, you know, fact) abounded that Procter & Gamble, the show's sponsor, had put the kibosh on any further 'moments when outraged "Family" groups threatened product boycotts and the vengeance of an angry, irrational god. Of course, the network denied that any pressure from bigots and zealots had anything to do with the apparent no-"Nuke" kissing policy. And then yesterday afternoon! A shocking, "steamy" kiss! And somewhere in Naples, FL a fifty year old gentleman fanned himself and stepped out on the lanai to get some air. Take that, Procter & Gamble and crazy Christians! Two men kissed once, for the first time in months, on a show that's all about kissing! Video after the jump. (The actual kiss is about six and half minutes in.)