So. It's apparently "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." Or "Take Your Child To Work Day" if you're one of those parents who makes their son wear dresses and pigtails. We are hearing reports of dozens of children terrorizing offices across Manhattan, interrupting work with shrieking and face-painting and possibly pony rides. It could be worse, though! You could be the saddest person in the world—the woman visiting her child at work as part of McDonald's new "Take Your Parents to Work Day" initiative.

Across the [Tri-State] area, McDonald's employees are encouraged to bring their parents to work and show them the fun and the variety of experiences that go into a day at McDonald's. Not only do parents have the chance to see the work their children do, but they can be a part of the McDonald's team for a day and learn how each restaurant functions as a whole from food prep through the work of McDonald's supportive managers.

Jesus. Though we suppose this idea is actually less depressing than the idea of McDonald's employees participating in the traditional "take your child to work" scheme.

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