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· The Hiphopotamus will be taking on the Rhymenocerous in a fight to the death when Flight of the Conchords play at Amoeba today. Also on tap, The Black Heart Procession at the Troubadour, Caribou at the El Rey. Bonus video of our favorite FOTC song after the jump!
· The L.A. Times "innovations expert"-turned-editor Russ Stanton speaks tonight about the slipping circulation and slashed budgets that face not only the LAT, but newspapers around the country. At the Steve Allen Theater. Ten bucks says he blames blogs.
· As loyal Defamer readers are well aware, director Errol Morris' Standard Operating Procedure examines the 2004's Abu Ghraib prison scandal. The Hammer screens it tonight, complete with some Q&A action with producer Julie Ahlberg & executive producer Diane Weyerman. [via Flavorpill]