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The formerly primmer-than-thou Gwyneth Paltrow's slow and steady progression to kinky-boot-wearing siren has hardly gone unnoticed by the press ever since she began promoting her summer blockbuster Iron Man. But up until now, the sexpot look has mainly been limited to her wildly high, frighteningly strappy S&M-style footwear. Now, she's officially moved on to wearing entire ensembles devoted to showing the world (and the industry) that her uptight rep is long gone. So why use short skirts and lacy, skin-tight dresses to woo the paparazzi? We're guessing Paltrow's picked up on that old-fashioned Hollywood formula used by many an actress looking to catch producers' eyes: a few flesh-baring public appearances can go a long way towards jumpstarting a recently lackluster career.

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Earlier this year, Gwynnie made a few public appearances in her standard, covered up style, wearing a sweet little cupcake dress adorned with a girlie bow in February, then sporting a very maternal and business-y look in March. But early this month, we saw an early sign that Paltrow was ready to attempt a drastic change, donning a shockingly pink belted dress with that go-to sweetheart neckline that oh-so-subtly says, "Hey, look! I sort of have boobs!"

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But this last week, all we've seen her wearing are transparent bejeweled mini-dresses, skintight little black dresses, and lacy burlesque-like numbers which may or may not reveal more than we'd like to see should she have bended over just a bit to air-kiss a friend from atop her skyscraper heels.


Though Gwyneth's 'tude and snobbery has annoyed us in the past, we must admit: we're loving the new Gwyneth. And even if this is what it takes to finally nail some worthy roles again, she can shimmy around in this new look all she wants.

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