Like Koko the gorilla before him, musician and voodoo zombie Pete Doherty has manipulated his hands in such a way, across a piece of canvas or paper, that something resembling "art" has been created. An exhibit of his work launched in Montmartre yesterday, though sadly he missed his debut because he's, well, in jail for drugs. The work, though, really speaks for itself. Unlike Koko's seminal masterpiece "Pink Pink Stink Nice Drink," in which abstract paint smears represented deep and mysterious gorilla emotions, Mr. Doherty's work consists of clear and distinctive symbology and motifs. Notably, the use of his own image and his own blood. My favorite piece is the one in which he signed his name with blood (his own) found inside an old needle. Just lovely. Some images after the jump.

Here's his bloody needle pen:

This is his own blood, and his ex-girlfriend, model Kate Moss:

"Ms. Moss Reclines"