AllThingsD's Kara Swisher admits her bias in interviewing Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg: Not only does her site use his blogging software, but she admits to having a "personal mancrush" on the programmer. He is perhaps the first straight guy to receive such treatment from Swisher, who is, provably, a mean lesbian. I think it's the hair: Mullenweg stole the retro-fauxhawk look from yours truly, I believe. Swisher does ask Mullenweg, "How do you make money at this?" But she's too crushed out to point out that Mullenweg already has made money, at least for himself, by selling a chunk of his company to investors. A digest of the interview:

  • 0:40: has 140 million unique visitors a month, generating 600 million to 700 million pageviews.
  • 2:30:

Mullenweg is bearish on advertising on social networks: "I like our position because it's around content. It's not around photos, or people trying to connect with each other."

  • 3:30: And yet, he hasn't really thought about how his company's going to make money: "Monetization is something we think about, but I don't think we've had any brilliant ideas."