MSNBC pundit Keith Olbermann on how to deal with Hillary Clinton's never-ending campaign: "Right. Somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out." Ok! As HuffPo's Rachel Sklar points out, that means he would like someone to beat her up. Metaphorically! Also, sexistly! Well, it's maybe debatable. Like that New Republic cover. Clearly stupid, but scale of 1-10, how vile? We won't wade in! We will say, though, that it's not even the worst of recent cable news comments.

The Daily Show covered this the other night. Skip to about three minutes in, when the pundits demand blood. "Look, we gotta kill her off—y'know, figuratively."

Sklar says: "To the fellow (male) journo I wrote to about this yesterday, who waved it off as just some colorful film-noir imagery, I say: can you IMAGINE if someone had said that about Obama?" Well we need imagine no more! Lovable old Pat Buchanan does do this in the clip above, when he mentions how often Hillary Clinton has "whipped" Obama. What a colorful image, a white lady repeatedly whipping a black man! But it's Pat Buchanan, no one even notices when he's casually racist anymore. (And obviously most of the grosser comments in the clip are directed at or about Senator Clinton.)

Cable news idiots just love violent imagery, they depend on it to make their miserable analyses sound exciting, and they're being utterly clueless when they use this imagery against Hillary Clinton. Which, once again, reinforcing misogyny. So shame on Olbermann!

Anyway, now you get to have a big comments fight about it!