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When we first heard the idea of a reimagined Beverly Hills: 90210, we believed it would be impossible to recreate the teary, teenybop magic of the original series. Who could possibly sneer like Luke Perry? Or turn the world on with his smile like Jason Priestley? But the Rob "Not Matchbox 20 Rob" Thomas-produced spinoff slated for CW's upcoming fall season is charging full-speed ahead, leaking news of potential cast members burdened with the challenge of filling our favorite Peach Pit regulars' Reeboks. Though recent casting announcements have been less than thrilling, two new additions have us busting out our dusty 90210 drinking game rule book once again. As E! News reports, "Producers for the CW's 90210 remake have reached out to Hilary [Duff] to offer her a starring role in the series." News on the other confirmed West Beverly students, plus which alum from the original has signed on to reprise their old role, after the jump.

As we previously reported, the first cast member to join the Walsh-esque "Mills" family was 22-year old Dustin Milligan, who'll play the Dylan-y role of too-cool-for-the-cool-crowd Ethan. Which is fine, if not exciting, because he's cute and shaggy-haired and Canadian. Priestley was Canadian, so here's hoping. And last week, we learned that uber-fox AnnaLynne McCord of Nip/Tuck signed on to play Naomi, who's (surprise) "hot and rich." We're guessing she's an updated Kelly Taylor.

But before we get to Duff, it must be repeated that none other than Pregnant Belly Model Tori Spelling has repeatedly expressed interest in returning to the one show that, well, anyone remembers her being in. Unfortunately for the knocked-up inn keeper, producers have instead decided to go with Jennie Garth, who's rumored to reprise her original character, having morphed from a potential model to a...high school fashion teacher? What a success story. And finally, news that Hilary Duff will possibly star in the series as an emo-loving theater chick who just can't help being "cute as a button." Now if only Joe E. Tata (aka The Pit's "Nat") could pop in as some kind of elderly homeless dude who spends his time on Sunset dishing out prophecies and tales of the "good old times" to the new West Bev kids, we're officially booking this show into our regular Tivo schedule stat.