Sometimes I do things that aren't Gawker related. Usually I do them at night time. These activities include going to movies, taking walks with friends, reading a book at a diner counter, or getting stoned on the couch and squealing at the TV. OK, so I only actually do the last thing, but the point is I'm not (usually) on the computer at night. But you are. And so is Ryan Tate! Our tireless nighttime editor, so far away on the West Coast, is usually in bed when I ask for Commie submissions. So this morning he beat me to the punch and sent over some of his favorites. After the jump find five of the best sleepy time (night and early morning) comments, and of course your Party Pick of the week.

Your Party Pick this week went to commenter kat who yukked it up in CNN's Freak Meth Head Ninja:
"I know that I leave my genitals on the bar, hanging on the backs of chairs, etc. all the time if they're not tied right to me. So I guess this is sort of a shibari pince nez. A pince nads, if you will."