For some reason we thought Richard was doing the sponsors post today but then he was all "what the fuck are you talking about, fuck off" (IT'S TRUE THIS IS WHAT HE SAID) so its up to us. On behalf of everyone at Gawker we humbly thank AT&T, Bravo, Chili's, Crown Publishing, Frommers, Fuerabruta, Hancock, Honda Fit, LG Scarlett, Mini, MGM Grand Foxwoods, Randomhouse, Unscrew America, VW for their support. Hey you! Advertise with Gawker! OH! And there's a contest. Details below!

Fuerzabruta,Daily News calls "a sexy, heart-pounding fantasy," would like you to win a pair of vouchers to their show! So email us with the subject line "Fuerzabruta Contest" and we'll select a random lucky winner.