Have you seen the trailer for that movie The Wackness? It has a supremely bizarre cast that includes Josh Peck (from the screechy, unbelievably unwatchable Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh), Ben Kingsley, and Mary-Kate Olsen (who, er, makes out with Sir Ben in the film). It's set in New York City during the heady old timey days of 1994, and follows a mumbly youngster (Peck) who deals drugs the summer before he waddles off to college. Besides the complete peculiarity of a 90's nostalgia movie existing at all, it looks like it could be fun if only for Kingsley's bizarre accent and the Olsen factor. It could also be really, really fucking annoying in that "precocious teen actors who think they're being really cool because they talk about drugs and act coy in a little indie movie" kind of way. Trailer (with a good song) after the jump.