Online gossip-monger Perez Hilton is speaking out against puppy mills, because they're bad and mean to doggies. But as Deceiver points out, he got his own puppy, purchased last fall, from a place they think sounds suspicious: "We typed in "small" "cute" and "smart" into Google and they popped up!" Perez wrote at the time. (Hey, that's not all that pops up when you type those words into Google! HEY OH!) Anyway, they like, mail the dog to you. But guess what? That pup (a "goldendoodle") is the cutest one in the world. And maybe the place they bought him from isn't so bad after all: "Our home is our kennel, and we have turned our home into a home for the dogs! We live in Palmdale California (LA County), on three acres of all usable land and we have a huge swimming pool, for people and dogs! The dogs also have their own plastic baby pools in the summer." Click to see Perez's dog OMG.