Terrance Dean, the gay former record exec and author of the upcoming book "Hiding In Hip Hop" that promises to EXPOSE THE GAY RAPPERS (we hope) has a blog! Well, a little one. At this point it only has three entries. Still, the book itself doesn't come out for two more weeks, and nobody has offered us a bootleg copy yet, so we're going to go through his blog entries carefully for any clues as to it's EXPLOSIVE contents. After the jump, a little detective work and a lot of blind speculation.

"I've worked in the entertainment industry, and in paticular with Hip Hop for over 10 years. I've been in the room with rappers and celebrities when they've used deragatory words such as Fags, and Homos. I've wanted so many times to step up and say something, but I didn't want to out myself. I didn't want to be put on blast. I didn't want to lose my so-called friendships. But, what bothered me most was when I heard many rappers and celebrities use those words and they themselves were hiding their sexuality just as I was."

It is ironic that the most homophobic male happens to be the one who is trying desperately to deflect from his own sexual identity crisis, and distract attention away from himself. It's so easy to call someone out of their name, especially calling another man a faggot, or punk, or homo.

Okay, so "many rappers and celebrities" he knows are closeted gays. A numerical hint: it should be more than one, and not just in hip hop, but celebrities also. Good start!

So, here I stand with many men in Hip Hop who refuse to hide. We have helped shape, build, and create Hip Hop and have just as much say as those who feel the need to degrade, and denegrate our contributions. Yes, we are here. We are all up in Hip Hop - your stylists, publicists, managers, producers, songwriters, ghostwriters, video directors, journalists, product managers, tour managers, lawyers, accountants, and your friends.

Christ, it could be anybody. Any of your friends!

I wrote this book many years ago. Long before there was a mention of Karrine Steffans and her infamous tell-all book, Confessions of a Video Vixen. I loved her book and her truth. It took courage for her to tell her story.

A good friend, who is an accomplished R&B singer/songwriter, had been after me to tell my story for a while. We have been friends for many years and I never told him about my life

Who is this accomplished R&B singer/ songwriter man? I'm guessing it's someone from Jodeci, maybe? Or not.

Deep within the confines of Hip-Hop is a prominent gay sub-culture. A world that industry insiders are keenly aware of, but choose to ignore. From the testosterone of men striving to be on top and in control, to the "by any means necessary" bravado in an industry that thrives on power, homosexuality is a reality at nearly every level of Hip-Hop

Russell Simmons. I'm getting strong vibes. Or it could be someone totally opposite, like Suge Knight. It will be interesting to find out!

One good friend, Emil Wilbekin, Editor-in-Chief of Giant Magazine gave me the kindest words of advice. He told me, "Terrance, you can only tell your truth. You have lots of friends who support you. I am one of them." His words helped me during the initial phase of writing the book.

Another friend, a celebrated record label publicist, who has helped launch many legendary careers, told me, "Don't worry about what people are going to think. This is your story. Write your book!"

The editor of Giant clearly knows something. Email us, Emil Wilbekin! It's simple journalistic solidarity.

In conclusion, it sounds like Ja Rule fits the general profile here. Then again, so do most famous rappers of the last decade. But that is really pure speculation, because I have no idea! Do YOU?

[The whole "Parsing XYZ" construction stolen from Jack Flack]