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Beyond the boardroom squabbles and oneupsmanship following Paramount's recent break with Showtime, two basic questions remain: Who will actually broadcast the new Paramount Channel? (Answer: Nobody, of course!) And besides its original series like Weeds and Dexter, what will Showtime air once its output deals expire in 2011? Come on — when you think of "corporate rescue," don't you think of Harvey Weinstein?

"In order to access Showtime's channels, Weinstein has been sending many of its films through a distribution agreement with MGM," notes Reuters. "But that agreement ends this year, and Weinstein could find itself striking a new pay deal directly with Showtime." For the Weinsteins, it beats the new-channel question mark facing MGM in its partnership with Paramount and Lionsgate. On the other hand, Showtime is going to nickle-and-dime Harvey to death on every single film, and many of the network's carriers will likely object to any "replacement" not affiliated with an actual studio.

Or, as today's story adds, we can have another three years of Earth-shattering Showtime original films. Which, well, no. We'd watch a million Nanny Diaries before sitting through one more Reefer Madness.

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