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Pictured, Harpo Productions released the first promotional image from Oprah Winfrey's much-publicized, two-part interview with Tom Cruise. Shot near the actor's vacation home in Telluride, it shows the two superstars riding a V.I.P. chairlift to the top of Cruise's private peak. (Oprah expressed concern that the only thing supporting her was a "thin metal bar," at which point Cruise wrapped an arm firmly around the talk show host and whispered, "Don't you worry. I got you. I got you tight." That in turn elicited an inexplicable laughing fit from Cruise, leading Winfrey, now afraid for her life, to reluctantly join in.) Three-quarters of the way up Mt. Hubbard, Cruise signaled to the operator, and the lift came to an abrupt stop; the Valkyrie star then eased himself onto his feet, and, a stunned Winfrey looking on, proceeded to take several flying leaps off the seat, pumping his fist into the frigid Colorado air as he shouted, "This is how I still feel about Kate, Oprah! I'm jumping 2400 feet high! That's how in love with this girl, the mother of my child and wife, now and forever, I truly am!"

The first part of the special airs May 2.