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You're a college philosophy student at NYU studying absurdism, the school of thought that says life and the universe have no meaning. What do you do for a class project? That's right: bring in a muffin full of razor blades [NYS]. In a Kierkegaardian effort that would have drawn approving sighs from Albert Camus, a student left the deadly, tasty treats on a table for the next class to find. And in an absurd twist which highlights the ultimate futility of the search for purpose, one kid in the next class started to eat the tempting razor muffin:

"A friend of mine, another student, picked them up and said, 'Hey, there's free muffins,' and being college students, we never turn down free food," Mr. Jarosch said yesterday in an interview. "The muffin I happened to grab had razor blades in it."

He said he was lucky: "I spit them out before they cut. It could have been a lot worse, there's no doubt about it," Mr. Jarosch said.

Replied Albert Camus wearily, "Spit them out? That kid missed the whole point."