Two years ago, rumors flew that well-documented insecure attention-whore (and MSNBC anchor) Chris Matthews was considering a run for Senate from his home state of Pennsylvania. On his recent, terribly sad Colbert Report appearance, an exhausted-looking Matthews mumbled that ever since he was a child, all he ever wanted to be was a Senator. (UGH.) (Seriously, UGH.) Sooo it's about time for that chatter to start up again! A New York Sun opinion-writer says Matthews could be Pennsylvania Democrats' best hope for winning a Senate seat in 2010, ignoring both the fact that that seat belongs to Senator-for-life Arlen Specter and the entirety of this piece. Really, Chris, it's not going to happen. Maybe if they award a special Senate seat to beltway journalists and Russert decides not to run. [NYSun]