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For groupies for whom semi-regular MySpace blogspot postings offer not nearly a wide enough window inside the constantly churning, impossibly creative mind of Diablo Cody, exciting news indeed: the Oscar-winning Juno screenwriter and former Lady of the Pole™ has started a Twitter account! In just a little over a month, her follower fanbase has ballooned to 68 and counting, inspiring the most recent update, "Now that all these folks are following me, I'm tempted to be super obscene."

Other ruminations from the Desk of Diablo: "Fred 62 is so good," (now that we think about it, that's the first time we've ever heard anyone actually say that) "Universal is gonna break my kneecaps if I don't deliver soon," "WAHHHH," and "I want champagne, a cigarette, and someone looking directly into my eyes." If these all sound to you like T-shirt-worthy slogans, it's more than just coincidence: Look for them bedazzled upon her upcoming, all-leopard-print Diablowear label—a clothing line for "those who aspire to the stripping-screenwriter lifestyle."