Unless you're a fan of both mixed martial arts and directors who employ frenetic quick cuts as a means to hide razor-thin plots, you've probably never heard of Sean Faris, the 28-year-old star of this spring's Never Back Down. Seems as if Sean is conscious of this fact and, like any other enterprising young actor trying to make a name in Hollywood, he's actively taking steps to change that. You know, get out on the town, do a little presenter work at the Young Hollywood Awards, network a little. However, all of his good intentions went astray at the end of the evening when he made the all too common mistake on hitting on one of the other presenters. Usually, this would be a "no harm / no foul" kind of situation; however, in this instance, the presenter he was hitting on was 12-year-old Abigail Breslin and the incident was captured by the all-seeing, all-knowing eye of Harvey Levin.

In this video clip from TMZ, you'll see an adorable Abigail Breslin about to leave the event in her white stretch limo when she hears someone calling her name. That someone would be the aforementioned Sean Faris, who butters up the precocious Fanning Slayer by telling her (and we quote), "You're awesome. You're an awesome actor. High five. I can't wait to someday work with you." While we're fairly certain that everyone's intentions here were admirable, surely there are better ways to introduce yourself to one of Hollywood's youngest power players than by stalking her limo while it waits outside of The Avalon. Right?