So the violin string finally snapped on American Idol last night, didn't it? It was Neil Diamond night ("I'll smack you in the mouth!") and everyone sang two songs, only getting criticism after everyone had sung their first. But, what happened when they were all lined up? Paula gave the beautiful, disturbingly white-teethed Jason Castro criticism for two songs. She gave very specific (well, as specific as the perpetual stroke victim gets) notes that kind of negated the possibility that it was just a simple "oh, wrong person!" mistake. It leads one to question how spontaneous any of the judges' criticisms are. Is everything set up by producers beforehand? What are we to think of this whole debacle?? Watch the video and tell me what to do. I'm currently lying on the kitchen floor, praying to St. Anthony. Because something's been lost. Also, someone please go punch Archuleta in the face.