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Defamer has learned that the Weinstein Company operative who months ago positioned Vicky Cristina Barcelona's three-way Scarlett Johansson/Penélope Cruz/Javier Bardem sex scene as "an extremely erotic" screen tryst that will "leave the audience gasping" was not likely the same representative who hooked director Woody Allen up this week with Entertainment Weekly. In a blurb featured in EW's new summer movie preview, the filmmaker dashed a million hormonal panics by tiredly setting the record straight:

''Because it was Penélope and Scarlett and Javier, it got out that there was torrid sex in the picture,'' Allen says. Sorry, that's not the case. There's sex, yes, but it's a discreetly photographed ménage à trois. ''People who come and expect those exaggerations are going to be disappointed.''

Knowing Woody's modesty and unabating horniness, we assume the truth likely reflects an in-between kind of smut featuring Johansson and Cruz in a passionate liplock while Bardem taps each on the shoulder, nervously inviting himself to join in with a succession of one-liners scored to Gershwin. The scene ends with the Spanish hunk sitting up and looking for his eyeglasses, griping about the size of his new apartment while the starlets writhe into the night beside him. We'll take it!

[Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin]