Writes a tipster, "Anyone at the Beatrice Inn party last night for The Chelsea? [Paul Sevigny's newest venture, a boutique hotel in Atlantic City.] While standing in line, in back of [53-year-old louche novelist and former "literary brat-packer"] Jay McInerney, a guy behind me says rather loudly, "Do you think he knows he's 30 years late to this party?" Oh, Jay, we say: you wrote Brightness Falls and can do whatever the hell you want.


While standing in line to get in... talking on cell phone giving friend directions. bouncer accosts me and tells me i need to go across the street or to the corner. apparently there is a no cell phone talking rule on their property. ha! that's a first for me.

That's probably a good rule. New York doesn't need any more girls screeching on cellphones long into the night, like hyenas: "It's on West 12th Street! Ciiindy! Tell the cab driver West 12th Street!