Britney's broke! Britney's broke! Well, OK not broke, but she did spend an estimated 61 million clams last year. Between rehab, legal expenses, wig refurbishments, that plane she had fly over her house and drop Necco wafers, her three ocelots, those two kids she bought, maintaining Walt Disney's frozen head, and all those stilt-walking lessons, she's been blowing a ton (heh) while not making anything. Remember her last album, Blackout (do you get the joke that I just made)? If she'd gone on tour with that puppy, she could have made something like 50 million bones. But she was out of shape and wandering around saying "the loons! the loons!" so it didn't happen. The real point of this, though, is that she still has roughly $40 million left and that this "$61 million" figure comes from some accountant in Los Angeles who has no affiliation with Ms. Spears. No one will truly know how much she's worth until they foreclose on her house and repo men come to take away her solid gold NordicTrack. [In Touch via Radar]