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Amid yet another hot streak on Broadway, celebrated actor/playwright and Harvey Fierstein doesn't have to answer to anyone about anything — his nearly 40-year career, his iconic gayness, none of it! At least not until Adam Sandler, apparently in the market for a flaming foil, came a-calling while casting his new film. Fierstein did have a response for that:

Harvey Fierstein, four-time Tony Award-winning actor, playwright and singer, has just turned down a part in an Adam Sandler movie. ...

"Yes, Sandler," he says in the middle of a stream of consciousness about art and theater. "I've been offered a bit part in the Sandler movie — me and another well-known gay guy. That's the whole gag, one line. I think I have more life in me than being a side gag in an Adam Sandler movie."

More power to Fierstein, though the imminent threat of a Mario Lopez replacement has us kind of wishing he'd just taken one for the team. Oh, but for the halcyon, compliant days of Charles Nelson Reilly.