Oh, Scores! They've just filed a lawsuit against the city of New York and the State Liquor Authority, saying that the police are corrupt! Actually, it's Scores West, the slightly trashier cousin of Scores East, the famous Howard Stern-patronized rumored-to-be-mobbed-up strip club, where some working gals were busted for prostitution last year. (Anecdotes I've heard from former Scores dancers confirm its place in hell.) The police probably are corrupt, but this is the same place that openly tolerates prostitution, and even had secret rooms in the Scores West location specifically for that purpose.

Commencing during the approximately twelve month period preceding January 24, 2007, corrupt New York City undercover police officers assigned to the Manhattan South Vice Enforcement Division began frequenting Scores West and abusing their authority: i) did not pay otherwise required admission fees; ii) consumed but did not pay for alcoholic beverages; and iii) consumed but did not pay for food.

Oh noes! Anyway, Scores thinks the bust was a perfectly convenient set-up to begin proceedings to revoke their liquor license.