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Yet further ominous news for Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Lovely Bones: Yesterday, we reported internet mumblings that production had halted so that the director and his production designer could seal themselves inside a Wingnut Films conference room until one emerged, bruised and bloodied, but wielding the winning illustrations for the film's version Heaven.

(Whether or not the phrase, "For God's sake, it's not the fucking Elvish afterlife, Peter!" was uttered at any given point we can not say.) Now, reports the movie's release date has been pushed from March 13, 2009 to the far more vague "fall 2009." First Valkyrie, now this: We'd just gotten used the fact that we'd have to wait months for our one-eyed Hitler-hunter yarn. But at the rate things are going now, it seems like we'll never get a change to enjoy kicking back to a brutally raped and murdered tween's mile-high observations about the family who has yet to discover her skeletal remains. It's no fair!