Mischa Barton's Newest Bikini Shots Have Not Been Approved By Her Publicist

Last time we had the pleasure of seeing possibly cursed OC alum Mischa Barton in a bikini was, how to put this delicately, during an blatantly and painfully obviously staged photo shoot in Malibu. The shoot was set up to look like a fortunate paparazzo just so happened to come across the unemployed starlet while she was beach reading and picking wedgies. But alas, as new pictures reveal, Mischa isn't so picture-perfect when donning a swimsuit and appearing in public without her handy and trustworthy paid-off photographers around.

Mischa Barton's Newest Bikini Shots Have Not Been Approved By Her Publicist

Though Mischa appeared looking just as airbrushed and glamorous while working the red carpet at this year's Australian MTV Music Awards (don't ask us why she was there; Australians are kooky and fun, which we like, so we don't care which celebrities they adore!), her decision to step out into the salty Aussie air on her hotel balcony during her stay across the globe may be one she'll regret for some time...


Before simply pointing out the fact that yes, Barton apparently suffers from that all-too-common ass-flappy affliction rampant among most gym-fearing young ladies, we're well aware it happens to the best of us. It's only when it happens to the not-so-best of us when we feel less catty than relieved to learn someone like Mischa, an actress we used to (and still sort of do) consider gorgeous, has to deal with the same aesthetically displeasing quandry. But on those particular mornings when any cottage cheese is at its flappiest peak, even mere mortals like ourselves who needn't worry about shady men hiding in bushes nearby, do not step out onto balconies (or anywhere for that matter) showing it off. If only she'd brought along one of her mood-relaxing joints to enjoy the sun with, these pictures would be far less horrifying.


[Photo credits: Getty, Bancroft via Daily Mail]