Facebook Update Leads To Murder-SuicideTracey Grinhaff, a 42-year-old mother of two in Sheffield, England, was murdered by her angry husband after she posted a message on her Facebook page saying that she was leaving him. Cops found her body in a shed in the back yard of the couple's house, and her 41-year-old husband Gary's body was found in the woods nearby. She died of head wounds, and so did he, although his were self-inflicted. Apparently the message made him extremely angry:

Less than a fortnight ago Mrs Grinhaff, 42, updated her profile on the social networking site, Facebook, telling friends she was "currently splitting" from her husband.

She added: "Been married for 16 years but together for 26!!!! God that makes me sound old."

Some neighbors told the Daily Mail that she was having an affair, but who knows. The one sure thing is that, if she wrote that message on her Facebook page, her husband was sure to find it. Here's her complete list of friends:

Facebook Update Leads To Murder-Suicide


[via Daily Mail UK]