All Grown-Up Miley Cyrus Goes Agency Hopping to UTA

Congratulations to the gang at United Talent Agency, who last weekend offset a series of high-profile defections with the addition of Mitchell Gossett — the Agent to the Child Stars who brings along top client and recent teenagers-fucking firebrand Miley Cyrus. Nikki Finke had the news Saturday, reporting that Billy Ray Cyrus would be tagging along out of Gossett's former headquarters at Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty, sort of a halfway house for transitioning young talent (and, evidently, their middling parents). Finke notes that it's anyone's guess how Miley's Vanity Fair bedsheet-rocking played into the deal, but the timing seems clear enough to us.

That said, according to Variety's Michael Fleming, Miley's Hannah Montana deal stays at CESD, as do the rest of the pacts Gossett made on behalf of young clients AnnaSophia Robb, Taylor Momsen, Hunter Parrish and a half-dozen others who will join him at UTA. The agency's beleaguered boss, Jim Berkus, expressed his joy as only he can: "Working with Mitchell is a logical extension of our core belief of finding and developing emerging talent. We are also excited about the opportunities that present themselves for these artists in the music, fashion and marketing universes." Translation: Secretary! Do we have Annie Liebovitz's number?