Mentos Wants You To Smooch Your Computer. LiterallyMentos ads started out very friendly. "The freshmaker!" the man with the vaguely foreign accent would proclaim. They were cheesy and fun. Their newest project, though, is far, far, darker. We're not quite sure how it's supposed to make us feel, but we would describe the experience as awkward and terrifying. If you choose to visit [via Adrants], be prepared for some virtual sexual harassment.

You go to the site. Do you like boys or girls? Click one. Dramatic music swells up. A film starts: a beautiful woman, bathing in the ocean, with, it must be said, a rather revealing outfit. She strides towards you. She wants your gum! You place it in her mouth, and she is happy:

Mentos Wants You To Smooch Your Computer. Literally


She moves towards you. What's this—she wants to see your webcam? You turn it on. Now you're supposed to kiss her!

Mentos Wants You To Smooch Your Computer. Literally


The site freezes; its dirty little electronic self is waiting for evidence from your webcam that you are actually leaning in and kissing the screen! That's when I turned it off. I don't like Mentos that much. But please, feel free to try it and report back. I think this may be asking a bit much of even the most bored breath mint aficionados.