This image was lost some time after publication. bungled the spelling of Cinco de Mayo, but at least they made an effort. Pictured here are Yahoo's animated mariachis and dancers. But Google, the company well known for its holiday flights of logo fancy? Nada. Yes, it's actually a minor holiday south of the border. But the victory in Puebla over the French has gone unnoticed in the Googleplex for the ninth year running.

Nor has Google México ever celebrated the country's independence on September 16. Nor has the company ever celebrated the birthday of any Mexican or American of Mexican descent — such as California civil rights legend César Chávez — even though all sorts of folks have been honored with birthday logos. When will Marissa Mayer deign to honor the employees and users of Mexican heritage with their own doodle? Probably sometime after she wears her first Eduardo Lucero.