Last night on not so crazy exciting television, The Hills mumbled on toward next week's finale. The penultimate episode of the MTV "reality" soap was about home and the pulling apart of things; relationships, friendships, and familial bonds were all torn slightly asunder as the sun continued to slowly broil our friends to a (hopefully) inevitable crisp. Heidi accepted new responsibilities at her fake PR/events job, which would take her to Las Vegas a lot (on a fancy private jet, no less) and away from sour old Spencer. The be-sweatpanted layabout further bitched at his sister, who kindly requested that he stop sleeping on her couch. Understanding that the cameras follow the women on this show, he returned to Heidi's condo, hoping for continued air time, only to find it empty. He sat there lonely and, I'm sure, hungry. But bluer still was poor Audrina.

The timid little partridge (roommate: "Is she a little dim?") was feeling insecure about her friendships with Lauren and the devious Lo. And rightfully so. When she's not hermited away in her little guest cottage (the "Chateau," apparently), she's getting disinterested and cold looks from Lo. Lauren just dumbly plays along, either in the thrall of her wicked childhood friend or the wicked producers. Strangely, it's actually a bit sad to watch. At least Justin Bobby, on his best behavior for the cameras this time, is kind to her and listens and encourages some independence.

I can't believe the finale is next week! Thank God! It's an hour long, I believe. What will happen? Will Audrina move out? Will Spencer and Heidi stage their inevitable reunion? Will something actually happen? Puppy clip is above, with a great line from Lo: "His reactions are fantastic!" I often say the same thing about her!