Yesterday, Arianna Huffington revealed that John McCain told her in 2000 that he didn't vote for George W. Bush. Which we believe. We believe that he told her this, anyway. Who knows if it was true then, or now. But McCain denied it, right away. Which leads Arianna to list all the documented times he's blatantly lied about saying something so far this campaign season. A fun little list! Of course it shows why McCain felt comfortable telling Arianna Huffington that he didn't vote for Bush in 2000. And also why he's the most popular guest in Daily Show history!

The man just naturally says whatever the hell his audiences want to hear. This is why, in small, intimate settings, everyone comes off impressed with John McCain's honesty and no-bullshit approach. This is why the media loves him. He's chatty, he's charming, and he will immediately key in on exactly how to convince you that he's on your side. And he'll crack a few off-color jokes!

The greatest trick the bullshit artist ever played was convincing his audience that he's innately honest. And John McCain is old and senile enough that he probably does believe his own hype now, which is how he can so comfortably categorically deny things that he's on record as saying.

And it's why people like Arianna and Jon Stewart feel so confused and betrayed! Because he told them, face-to-face, no-bullshit, whatever the hell they wanted to hear, back in the day. And then, because he has to run for president, he went and said and did the opposite things. McCain hasn't been on the Daily Show once since he clinched the GOP nomination. But tomorrow, he'll appear on the show for his record 13th time. It'll probably be an awkward interview.