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Here's how we picture Jeremy Piven spent his weekend: Seated in a darkened theater, two attractive brunettes on either side, staring up at Robert Downey Jr. engaged in a delightful bit of business involving not-yet-perfected booster-boot technology, and thinking to himself, "I can do that." That said, here's your latest Piv update, courtesy of Rush & Molloy:

Jeremy Piven strikes again. The "Entourage" star and cad-about-town had a "knock-down, all-out screaming match" with a brunette by the pool area of Diddy's after-party for his Hollywood Star Walk of Fame ceremony.

Said our spy: "Jeremy was really chewing into the girl." Piven's reps didn't respond for comment.

We're suddenly overcome with the need to rise to Ari's defense: Can a guy with a strong opinion not make his point—albeit at a greatly elevated volume, complexion a deep beet-red, some wayward spittle-flecks landing into the cocktails of nearby guests—without being accused of having lost all sense of social decorum? Look: Ari yells, OK? That's how he communicates. That's how you know he cares. Just ask his mom. When he stops yelling, maybe mentions how nice it is to "finally see Pee-Didds get his due" while glancing over your shoulder at the next hot P.O.A. to saunter onto the veranda—that's when you should start worrying.