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Lindsay Lohan may be headed to the slammer yet again, but this time her crime has nothing to do with cokepants, crashed cars or "adequite" Blackberry manifestos. A Columbia student named Masha Markova has come forward accusing the stunt castette of stealing her $11,000 mink coat during a private party back in January. Before automatically assuming the co-ed is just another crazy kid trying to get their name in the papers, consider her story, as told to the NY Post:

At one point, she was seated next to Lohan, and recalled putting the mink in a common bin with other jackets...It was gone when she prepared to leave after an hour...Two weeks later, Markova flipped through OK! and [saw a picture taken that night] of Lohan wearing the very same fur coat.

Still unconvinced? As always, the proof is in the pictures, shown after the jump.

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At left we see Lindsay heading into the bar where the alleged theft took place on January 26th, wearing a black coat we find entirely adequite adequate. And the photo on the right was taken the next day, as Lindsay was leaving a lunch date downtown. We're not personally fans of fur and couldn't distinguish between mink or rabbit or whatever, but Masha sounds like the kind of girl who would know her $11K coat when she sees it. And though Lindsay's been growing on us ever since those nudie pics and TMZ cameos, the possibility that Lindsay dashed off with someone else's pricey coat sounds about right. Still, it's a step up from passing out at gas stations and rolling like a madwoman in her bra, right?

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