In person, Sarah Lacy's fierce dishiness is charming. On the screen, her insider know-it-all schtick becomes harsh and grating. Take Lacy's latest post on LinkedIn seeking a $1 billion valuation. The 30-word version: "I've I I I am not giving people the news as I write in my book, I hear from insiders. Imagine that! perhaps I can get to that later today." She has learned exactly nothing from an earlier post on Twitter, whose funding news she failed to break, yet also declared non-newsworthy.

Lacy, we hear, has a book coming out next week, full of Valley-insider secrets. But she finished writing it long ago. There's no longer any point in hoarding the gossip she gathers. Sarah, here's a suggestion: Please write a post telling us 10 other things nobody knows, but that you don't consider news. You might find it surprising that we find them surprising.