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Going through a tough breakup is never easy, but the subsequent tendency to canoodle with every available bachelor in town on a weekly basis rarely helps ease the pain. Case in point: Cameron Diaz, who has most recently been spotted "holding hands" with Entourage star and professional party-goer Kevin Connolly. And it seems like only yesterday when Diaz made out with Jason Patric on a beach, and only last week when Diaz was linked to 300 star Gerard Butler. And the list has gone on and on — Criss Angel! Djimon Hounsou! — ever since long-term boyfriend Justin Timberlake headed for curvier pastures last year. We take a closer look at the self-professed "boy-crazy" Cameron's evening with E after the jump.

As Janet Charlton reports, Cameron and Kevin's alleged fling began over the weekend at a party thrown by celebrity hanger-on Ron Burkle: "Kevin obviously has a thing for tall blondes because he was deep in conversation with Cameron Diaz all evening. They were holding hands when they left together." All of these flings seem to indicate that Diaz is joining the boy-crazy bachelorette club, currently headed by Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Aniston.The question is this: are these revenge-flings? Or should we just assume these girls are exactly what Gloria Steinem and Erica Jong had in mind for single women? We'll just wait until Diaz returns the very long and detailed voice mails we left on her publicist's assistant's assistant's office phone. Should be any minute now.

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