Out 'n proud former CNN anchor and current Insider (shudder) correspondent Thomas Roberts spoke to The Advocate this month about gay dudes doing the news. Apparently there are quite a few of them running around, the obvious silver fox in the room being just one of many. And, out or not, they tend to do OK, as long as they're not looking for an evening anchor gig. A talent agent named Mendes Napoli spoke with the magazine as well, saying: "You can be a morning anchor, a weekend anchor, an afternoon anchor, a reporter — they love gay reporters now because they're so animated, they're not stiff. But a primary male anchor who's gay? It's an issue." Huh. "Animated"? What does that mean?? Are there weathermen doing Gloria Estefan routines and picking out snappy outfits for ladies? I should be watching this! Or, is "animated" how one would describe watching nighttime newsman Anderson Cooper trying to button himself up? It's all kind of unclear, but it's good to know that the gays are providing some entertainment value in those dusty old newsrooms. After the jump, just for the heck of it, Roberts on those (NSFW) nude Manhunt photos.

"I never put inappropriate pictures of myself on a public website. For me it was really hurtful, for Patrick and I it was terribly painful, and I'm sure anyone reading this will realize that what happened was something that we needed to deal with on a personal level. And we've dealt with it — we've closed the book on that issue and moved on."