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Frivolous backstabbing egocentric money media war! The protagonists: Tim Sykes (pictured), who made a big name for himself as an under-30 hot shot hedge fund guy by starring in a reality show called Wall Street Warriors, and then proceeded to lose lots of his money and try to remake himself as a media figure; and Randall Lane, the former editor of odious greed magazine Trader Monthly and current head of Doubledown Media, who recently lost a gig publishing Players Club magazine after a financial dispute. Lane disinvited Sykes from a Trader Monthly party last year, and the young capitalist is still nursing his wounded ego! Now Sykes has taken to the internet to tell Lane—a "Sick Twisted Son Of A Bitch"—boo-yah, loser!:

Last time Randall Lane, editor-in-chief of Traitor Monthly was in Page Six, he was attacking a small-time trader (me) because his magazine staff fumbled, disinviting me from their little party at the last minute after we'd been discussing my covering the event for MSN Money for days.

Clearly in the wrong, this balding bastard was forced to go on the offensive, charging my hedge fund's losses were the result of my publicity hounding rather than bothering to research the matter like a responsible journalist might do.

Sykes asks: how do you like hard times, you balding bastard?

So Randy, I know times are tough for you right now—no doubt bringing back memories of when your first magazine, P.O.V., went out of business—but unlike you I'm willing to give second chances to those who make mistakes. After all, we're only human. If you can show some remorse for your actions, I'll consider taking you on at my publishing company, BullShip Press, LLC—as an unpaid intern of course—and under my guidance, I think we'll be able to put you on a more righteous path—no promises, there's a whole lotta work to be done, but if you're willing to change, I'm willing to help you get better.