Guess The Celebrity Nape!

Remember those Eyeball Benders at the back of Games magazine? No? OK, never mind. Let's just call this a photoquiz! Everyone loves a photoquiz—triple that when it's a Celebrity Photoquiz. And so now we gesture in the vicinity of the above photo—a graceful study of the nape (one of the most underrated body-parts) of an Oscar-winning superstar. Any guesses? The answer is after the jump:

Guess The Celebrity Nape!

It's none other than Hollywood's most likable fella, Matt Damon! Here we see Matt mobbed by fans in Decatur, IL. He's there shooting Steven Soderbergh's The Informant, in which he plays Mark Whitacre, the real-life whistle-blower in the mid-90's lysine price-fixing conspiracy that rocked the agricultural-feed world. It's a look that caused at least one online fan to recoil in horror, a finger outstretched and the other hand covering their mouths as they gasped, "PEDOSTACHE!"


Congratulations to everyone who guessed correctly!