Sex pervert and known prick Paul Janka (no, not him, but close!) may have been spotted this morning in Astoria. Janka, some sort of writer who was also recently spotted making a gigantic ass of himself on the Dr. Phil show, was, of course, infuriating to look at: "swear to Christ almighty that I saw skanktasmagoria himself Paul Janka this morning on the N train -Broadway platform in Astoria. I don't think I am great at recognizing people, but I'm sure it was him. Allow me to submit my evidence..." Continued after the jump.

He had Paul Janka face, but longer hair than in the Dr. Phil interview. He looked unwashed/unclean and was wearing a dirty/vintage corduroy jacket and gray cargo pants. He definitely stood out, because most everyone is scrubbed for work at that stop at 7:40 in the morning, and he was the only one that looked like he rolled out of bed after a three-day bender. Trademark Janka 7 o'clock shadow. He was with a cute/hipsterish black girl, and both had an awkward one-night-stand vibe. She talked non-stop and seemed a little nervous - couldn't hear what she was saying, but her mouth kept moving, even as the train went underground, and he didn't say a word. As we pulled into 59th St./Lex, they started awkwardly making out with lots of tongue (vomit) and I honestly contemplated missing my stop so I wouldn't have to brush up against him to get to the door. But he got out at 59 as well. He didn't look like he was going anywhere, but seemed to be pretty happy with himself.