Bushwick, Brooklyn. Hope to working-class and poor folks, a large Hispanic population, white college-grad hipsters and their holy grail of communal living, the McKibbin lofts. (1 month of free bedbugs included.) Rents are cheap, for now. Expectations, however, are high. Bushwick, the lifestyle! Bushwick, the brand—it's all there on BushwickBK.com. And these young people would like to explain their clothes to you!

Actually, the middle couple looks fairly normal. The white guy on the right, however, is in a rap group and "love[s] the ghetto."

#1: Ariel, 21
Work: At a library
Shops: Got t-shirt at a pharmacy, jacket for $3 in Ventura, CA "b/c they don't use jackets in CA." He isn't wearing socks.
Shot him: Corner of Knickerbocker and Stockholm
Misc: Sarah: "How did you get dressed?" — Ariel: "I just picked something up off the floor."

#2: Amy, 17 and Ace, 18
Work: Both are students
Shop: On Knickerbocker and Myrtle
Shot them: Corner of Himrod and Wyckoff
Misc: Amy says, "This is how I dress everyday. I like sneakers, not real shoes", Ace says he chose to mix those prints to match his new sneakers

#3: Royal, 22
Work: Freelance writer, in a rap group
Shops: Levis, buys "odds and ends"
Shot him: Corner of Greene and Wyckoff
Misc: Headed to watch The Ruins with a friend; "I love the ghetto"