As reported earlier, some USAToday windbag thinks 30 Rock is flailing. Now, I find the show to be the funniest thing ever made and thought the last few episodes were wonderful. So, clearly I disagree. But some of you don't! In fact, this morning we received a crazed, homo-hating Tips email defending the USAToday article. First off, the emailer thinks that our commenters are all "gay." (Which is not true. Just Conbon is.) Well, more specifically he thinks you are all "gay urban liberal art school grad white people." So, OK. He's not entirely off base, but still! Jerk! After the jump, you can read the entire peculiar missive, as well as participate in an important poll: Does 30 Rock now suck?

God I wish I could comment on your gay blog...your commenters are fucking dorks and complete retards if they thought the last couple of episodes were genius. The last episode was so poorly written I was aghast. I dont believe there was even a semblance of a joke made through out the entire episode. Plot is stupid and non-sequitur, jokes are gay and stupid, Alec Baldwin is being wasted with this crappy material, which I cant even dignify by saying its trite or hackneyed, because most of the time it doesn't even make sense...Also, whats up with all the lame ass vh1/human giant/arbitrary humor/hipster comedians that are on this show? Tina Fey's jokes are completely nerdy and the type crap gay urban liberal art school grad white people would like....fuck this show and fuck your commenters. I applaud Robert Bianco for being a contrarian in an ocean of diarrhea that is the media that loves this truly awful show. ...Yes I know its completely pathetic that I would get this angry over a tv show, but its like the time back in college when everybody on my dorm room floor thought Armageddon was good...I basically made it my project to explain to each individual scene by scene why it was so absolutely terrible. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.